Strategic Alliances Psytech

Psytech is one of the world’s leading developers of psychometric tests and assessment solutions for the workplace. With worldwide representation and assessment products in multiple languages, they are the ‘Global Leaders in Local Assessment Solutions.’ Their assessment products include personality instruments, ability and aptitude tests, values and motives questionnaires, and 360-degree feedback measures.

Established in 1984, Psytech was the first company to develop advanced profiling technology that uses the Barrett Co-efficient for measures of fit in personality testing. They were also the first company to develop remote supervised web based testing protocols.

Some of Psytech’s Assessment tools

The Fifteen Personality Factor

Values and Motives Inventory

Graduate Reasoning Test (GRT1)

Critical Reasoning Test Battery (CRTB2)

360 Degree Appraisal Systems

HR Anexi entered into a partnership with Psytech in 2007. Psytech’s scientifically researched, world class psychometric assessment products provide great value to our client interventions as stand-alone solutions or embedded features into our larger talent programs.

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Partnership Advantage

Our partnership with Psytech enables us to provide one of the world’s most extensively researched, reliable and valid batteries of psychometric instruments to our clients. Psytech’s strong research base in psychometric assessment complements our existing research models in leadership and employee engagement. We use Psytech’s products as stand-alone solutions for assessment, 360-degree feedback and career coaching, or integrate them with our larger programs in talent assessment and development.

Global Footprint

Headquartered in UK, Psytech has offices in 24 countries across the world. With over 50 assessments delivered in 20 languages, Psytech has now assessed more than 2 million people worldwide. They have developed culturally adapted tests that reflect local context and research. Psytech’s local distributors in different countries form a global network of dedicated testing providers.