November 19, 2018

The wolf woman and her song of life

This is the story of the wolf woman and it probably resonates in the stories of so many other brave and empowered women. We all agree that when we were growing up we begin to feel that we are not complete. That we are not good enough. We are not smart enough, we are not beautiful enough.  Our nose. Our eyes.  Our complexion. Our ability. Questioned, confidence wavering at every step of the way… But how do we look at ourselves? Do we also focus on the same issues or is there something else… May be the story of the wolf woman will help us set us in a worthwhile direction. It is from North American folklore and is often narrated during the long, winter nights, when everyone is huddled around a fire. Read on…

  Sometime in life, like the wolf woman, we begin our quest to get to heart of issues that plague our conscious. And in the quest to answer our questions, we discover our song. Perhaps our songs will not be beautiful the first time. We don’t get all the answers right the first time. But with time we get them right. Our song grows stronger and each note more beautiful than the previous. We get wiser and more confident with our experiences. Gather the bare bones, dear women, and at the end of the day maybe you will find the melody to the song of your life…  

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